Software, Physics, Data, Mountains

...and other random associations


Hi, I’m Mark…

I’m a Data Plumber. I spend most days designing/tuning/fixing/banging-on data pipelines and the infrastructure behind data-intensive applications of all sorts. I love what I do!

Originally trained as a Physicist (Ph.D. researching how quantum computers can learn to tolerate noise and errors), I’ve since had an incredible career out in the world where Data Science meets DevOps and infrastructure engineering.

I’ve been lucky enough to work for companies like Canonical, the folks behind the Ubuntu operating system, Infochimps, Silicon Valley Data Science, and now DigitalOcean. Places where talented teams of people are innovating and leading open-source communities and the tech industry as a whole.

My passions at the moment include:

  • training data scientists. I teach and helped build a “Just enough data engineering” class for data scientists in Berkeley’s online Master’s (MIDS) program
  • adopting test-driven methodologies into building data pipelines… keeping pipelines strongly connected to the actual problems that need to be solved
  • and I’m actually paid to work on AI for infrastructure automation at DO! I know… right!? :-)