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Capturing Screencasts on Ubuntu Using `ffmpeg`

In this post I describe the capture setup we used to create screencasts using an Ubuntu Linux desktop. This one just describes the recording process itself. I’ll go over the overall screencast development process and editing in separate posts.

Projects in GCP Using Central Billing Accounts

Many organizations recognize the benefits of empowering their developers. In a cloud environment, that often means giving developers the ability to create and manage their own infrastructure.

Of course, developers can easily create their own individual or G-Suite GCP accounts. They can take advantage of the free trial that Google Cloud offers. That’s great, and everything’s hunky-dory until the credit runs out. What then?

In this post I describe a really simple way to set up and use centralized billing on GCP… even across external development accounts. Way better than trying to get me to fill out expense reports for infradev!

Develop Spark Apps on Yarn Using Docker

At svds, we’ll often run spark on yarn in production. Add some artful tuning and this works pretty well. However, developers typically build and test spark application in standalone mode… not on yarn.

Rather than get bitten by the ideosyncracies involved in running spark on yarn -vs- standalone when you go to deploy, here’s a way to set up a development environment for spark that more closely mimics how it’s used in the wild.

SSH Tips and Tricks

Notes from a lunch-and-learn talk. It’s a little weak without the narrative, but I’ll post it here for reference anyway.


  • config
  • tunnels
    • forward
    • reverse
  • proxies
  • ssh + tmux = <3
    • ssh, then tmux
    • tmux, then ssh

Juju Demo Videos

I Put together a series of demo videos using juju-0.7 for oscon.

These are really interesting in that they involve migrating environments between providers. This works slightly differently on the newer juju-1.x series, but the idea’s still sound.

There’s no sound on these… they’re raw video backups for demoing juju (in case we lost networking during the demo).

migrate local to hp

embedded youtube video Jfnxl1Kh9SY

CharmSchool Hangout - Charming From Scratch

Continuing the series of regular CharmSchool Hangouts. In last week’s video we wrote a charm from scratch…

embedded youtube video NQmxuzdc4Zg

Starting from a simple node.js application, we put together “just enough” charm to get things working. Watch for future episodes where we’ll refactor and refine both the application and the charm.